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Hosting For Entrepreneurs By An Entrepreneur.

TechDex Hosting Services is a shared hosting solution optimized for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Founded in 2004 and catering almost exclusively to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

TechDex Development & Solutions is owned and operated by an entrepreneur, so we understand, better than most, what entrepreneurs need, and we strive to meet the sometimes complicated need entrepreneurs need.


  • Market Research
  • Business Consulting
  • Funnel Strategy
  • ​Brainstorming
  • Custom programming (web-based apps)
  • Promotional tools and resources
  • Optional Marketing (SEO and Branding)
  • ​Offer creation assistance
... and so much more!

* Do you need to host your funnels with your own domain name?
* Do you need additional storage for serving files to your customers?
* Do you want to run a small, but fast website for your business?
* Do you need guidance and help with planning your next business or project?
* Do you need accuratemarket research and analysis to better target ads?
* Do you need both technical & marketing assistance from an expert in the field?

We've Got You!

TechDex Development & Solutions have the experience and expertise best suited to help entrepreneurs and small business owners no matter what market you're in, and we provide the support and tools you need to support your business in a way that many other services can't.

We combine our technical expertise and our marketing background to create a customized solution designed to cater to your needs, so the only thing you have to worry about is running your business.

In fact, the only choice you have to make with us, is how involved you want to be in the technical side.

Traditional Hosting

With standard hosting, you manage your own hosting, and you are responsible for updates, maintenance, and anything that happens. We provide updates and general assistance, but for the most part, you run your own show.

Cost: $14.95 per month

Managed Hosting

With managed hosting, you have control over your hosting, but we manage your hosting and take care of everything for you, including small updates. This is as close to a hands off experience you can get, where everything "just works".

Cost: $29.99 per month

Hosted in a VPS environment, all hosting packages have a shared IP and include:
* CPanel access * FTP access * Email @yourdomain* Tech support* and more.

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